About us

Our Approach

Our Approach: is to design, develop and produce more challenging and exciting KimbaJacks FUN Maths Puzzle Games, and Brain Teasers in the future, to help learners overcome their fear of learning Maths.

Our Vision

Our Vision: is to help learners everywhere to excel in Mathematics by grasping the fundamental concepts of Maths the FUN way. We also hope to help learners think faster and logically, thus increasing their overall mental capabilities and aptitude for Maths and other subjects

Our Mission

To provide Parents and Maths Teachers with additional Maths tools in order to keep learners focused and engaged. Our mission is to increase their self-esteem and confidence in learning and applying Maths, by making these FUN games easily accessible and affordable to them. We strongly believe that learners have the ability to do much better in Maths and will in the future, be able to compete very well in the world.