Kimbajacks Endorsements


Dr Mafa Takisa Pedro

PhD in Astro-Physics & Cosmology, Associate Professor at University of Kinshasa, and Postdoctoral Fellow at University of KwaZulu-Natal, SA.

“From my observation as a PhD in Mathematics and Lecturer, I have noticed that students at tertiary level are struggling to cope with Mathematics. It is evident that the lack of their ability can be traced to poor basic Maths foundation. For this reason, I am so confident that the KimbaJacks Maths Puzzle Games will be very beneficial to all learners as an additional learning Maths tool to improve their Maths by learning the FUN way. ”

Dr Siaka LouguE

PhD in Statistics, Statistics Lecturer at University of KwaZulu-Natal, SA.

“These Games are awesome, I myself, could not have conceptualized such a Maths Game. I was blown away by the originality of the concept of combining colours, shapes and numbers. They stimulate imagination and reflect creativity. I personally like the way they combine FUN and Maths. I cannot wait to offer these KimbaJacks Maths Puzzle Games to my kids and I definitely recommend them to every parent to be used by their children to improve their basic Maths skills.”

Dr Afassinou Komi

PhD in Applied Mathematics at University of KwaZulu-Natal, SA.

“I came across the KimbaJacks Maths Puzzle Games then named Arthematic, which I was asked to present at AIMS-SENEGAL IMAGINARY event. As a then PhD student in maths, I believed that I could have easily completed the Games, but quickly realised that they were more challenging because of the combination of colours, shapes and numbers in the Games. This homogeneous mixture makes KimbaJacks very impressive and attractive to me as an additional basic Maths learning tool. During my trip to Senegal via Dubai, many people had really appreciated the concept of the game and found it very educative and very instructive for young learners. The KimbaJacks Maths Games were presented in more than 10 Schools and one university in Senegal. The players were very impressed and believed that KimbaJacks could stimulate and develop one's ability and understanding of basics of Mathematics. I personally see KimbaJacks as very instructive and recommend that they should be used by learners from previously disadvantage mathematics background as an additional basic learning Maths tool”

Prof Olugbara O.O

PhD Computer Science, Professor of Computer Science & IT, Durban University of Technology, South Africa.

“The KimbaJacks Maths Puzzle Games is a complete suite of exciting scientific tools for fundamentally developing skills in Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology. An individual that is exposed to the use of the suite can develop new skills and build critical thinking using the combination of numbers, geometric shapes and bright colours. It is a well-known fact that games and puzzles are innovative pedagogies for developing communicative skills and critical thinking. They serve as powerful tools for active learning that fosters different learning styles. The intrinsic benefits of using games and puzzles for learning are not limited to promoting communicative competence, increasing learning inspiration, reducing learning anxiety, encouraging creativity, building critical thinking, developing problem solving competence, they also include fostering participatory attitudes of students in a student-centred environment amongst others. The novelty of the KimbaJacks Maths Puzzle Games suite is particularly amazing and it can be highly effective in boosting active learning by making learning a fun. I strongly recommend the use of the KimbaJacks Maths Puzzle Games suite for teaching of difficult subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology in schools. The suite can be a very useful tool for teaching foundation programmes in the university.”

Dr Mario Denton

MBA, Me Con, PhD. International Teacher & Industrial Psychologist. A Business Consultant and Career Direct Master Trainer and Business Coach.

“Wow!  What a tremendous resource for all of us who want to grow in building a better nation for all. This will be a foundational tool for years to come. This is something that I will readily recommend to all schools as an excellent Maths tool to improve the learners Maths abilities. I honestly think that this masterpiece will lead to a new appreciation of learning Maths the FUN way!!!…as it is  done in a relevant format for people living in the 21st century. A wonderful contribution to guide and encourage all learners, Teachers and Parents in helping their children to master the basics of Mathematics. It is so needed especially in our times of an unsatisfactory education crisis. I highly recommend The Kimbajacks Maths Puzzle Games and I’m grateful to this tool  to assist in the journey of bringing all learners’ Maths abilities on par with the rest of the world. You will learn and gain enormous insight and wisdom. It's Outstanding and Worth your time!"   I believe that this will become the bench mark of  the future..